Separation or Divorce

When your relationship reaches a point where it seems necessary to part ways, you might find that divorce is the only viable option. Or, you might decide on a separation, which gives you both the chance to assess your feelings and expectations concerning the relationship. This section can help you make more informed decisions that can minimize the stress on everybody involved -- you, your spouse, and your children and family members. Removing an individual or enrolling in benefits can be completed at
Event Checklist
  • Remove Spouse from Benefit Plans
If your spouse is no longer eligible for coverage, you should notify the Benefits Department to remove him or her from the benefit plans. Any stepchildren who are no longer eligible will also need to be removed from the plans. You may also obtain information on COBRA continuing coverage for your spouse.

Conversely, if you and / or your children were covered by your spouse's plan, you will need to enroll yourself or your child / children in the appropriate plan(s).

Contact your Human Resources Department for more information.

  • Review/Change Beneficiaries
Review and / or make any changes to your beneficiary information for all of your plans. Contact your Human Resource Department for information.
  • Change Emergency Contact Information
You may want to make sure your Human Resources Department has the person you want on file should your employer need to contact someone in an emergency on your behalf. Contact your Human Resources Department for information on how to change your emergency contact information.