Pet Partners Pet Insurance 

Pet Insurance, through PetPartners, is health insurance for dogs and cats. It reimburses you for costly veterinary bills allowing you to focus more on the health of your pets and less on how you’re going to pay for it. Since pet insurance is done on a reimbursement basis, there’s no provider network, meaning you can go to any licensed vet of your choice.

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What Does It Cover?

1. Pet insurance allows you to make decisions about your pet's health without worrying about the cost of treatment.

2. Pet insurance alleviates some of the financial burden of owning a pet allowing you to take better care of your pets.

3. Pet insurance gives you peace-of-mind knowing you can meet your pet's healthcare needs.

PetPartners Plans 

PetPartners’ policies are customizable. You can choose your own coverage and own limits to create a plan that fits our individual needs and budget. First, select a base plan: accident or accident & illness. Then choose to add endorsements to increase your coverage. Pick your deductible and coverage limits to create your personalized plan! See the Plan Comparison chart for more details about your coverage options