Medical Care

All of the available options give you access to high-quality, comprehensive care. They differ largely in the way the cost of care is structured and in the strategies you can use to control your expenses:

  • PPO Plans: these plans let you choose care inside or outside of the network you selected, but you will incur a higher out-of-pocket cost for services. 
  • HMO/EPO Plans: these plans offer a comprehensive, convenient approach, but require that you seek care within the network you selected.
  • HDHP HSA Plans: these plans are high deductible insurance plans that help protect against large claims as well as to cover preventive care at 100% (deductible is waived for preventive services). If you enroll in this plan, you are eligible to open a Health Savings Account (HSA) which can be used to help pay for qualified medical expenses. (Available to all employees) 

Employees who work in the city of San Francisco, please visit:
for more information on the San Francisco Health Care Security Ordinance.


See comparison tables at bottom of page for coverage details.

United HealthCare (UHC) - Group #909417

  • 1-866-633-2446 (EPO & PPO)
  • 1-866-314-0335 (HDHP)

Kaiser - Group #9680

  • 1-800-464-4000 (English)
  • 1-800-788-0616 (Spanish)

CEI employees can now visit the nearest MinuteClinic and pay their standard copay if they get sick or injured while traveling in a state where Kaiser Permanente does not operate.  All that is needed is a photo ID and their membership card or health/medical record number. 

MinuteClinics are located in select CVS Pharmacy and Target locations, and are staffed by non-Kaiser Permanente nurse practitioners and physician assistants who can treat a range of simple urgent care services for conditions and symptoms. Members can visit a MinuteClinic with or without an appointment. The improved experience when paying for care at MinuteClinic gives Kaiser Permanente members one more convenient alternative for urgent (non-emergency) care.

Kaiser Permanente members who get sick or injured while traveling have multiple options — review the attached infographic to see the many ways members are covered while traveling.

As a reminder, here are the resources and services that make getting care away from home easier than ever:

  • Away from Home Travel Line — A single number to call about getting care away from home: 951-268-3900. Available anywhere in the world, anytime. *
  • — The site covers many questions about getting care that come up before, during, or after travel.
  • Early refill of eligible prescriptions — To help keep travel stress-free, members can request early refills of their prescriptions to ensure they last throughout their whole vacation. 
Plan Name Carrier Name Effective Dates Select plan to compare
HMO Kaiser Permanente Insurance Company Jan-01-2020 to Jan-01-2021
HSA - BS6K UnitedHealthcare Insurance Company Jan-01-2020 to Jan-01-2021
PPO - AB6G UnitedHealthcare Insurance Company Jan-01-2020 to Jan-01-2021
EPO - PVK UnitedHealthcare Insurance Company Jan-01-2020 to Jan-01-2021