Domestic Partnership

Sharing your life with a significant other is not unlike marriage. It's a bond of love and trust, and with it comes similar concerns... financial stability, health and life insurance coverage, legal issues. Is my partner covered? Will my living situation affect my status in the workplace? Who can I talk to? This section will answer these and other questions.
Event Checklist
  • Review Life Insurance Coverage
When your estate increases (buying a home), your salary increases, or you add dependents (getting married, having a baby), your life insurance should also increase to protect those who depend on you. This is a good time to review your policy and increase your coverage, if warranted. 
  • Sample Insurance Cost
Many people are under the misconception that they cannot afford the amount of life insurance that they actually need. The information needed to make an informed, intelligent decision on this subject is available to you through the Simplified Life Insurance Calculator and the following chart. The calculator provides a fast, accurate way to determine your actual needs; the chart provides you an estimate of the cost of meeting them.
Using the Table Below

Let's assume that you are a male, aged 35, who needs $250,000 of life insurance. This table shows you sample costs from one insurance company, using the assumptions described below. If you are preferred risk, the premium would be $18.59 per month. If you are a 32-year-old female, your rate would be lower than $18.59 per month.

The rates shown below are based on a 10-year renewable and convertible term policy, using "Non-Smoker Preferred Male" rates. Female rates are lower. (Remember, these rates are sample rates only, you might find lower rates in the marketplace.)

Amount of Coverage
AGE $100,000 $250,000 $500,000 $1,000,000
20 $11.11/mo. $16.84/mo. $29.31/mo. $48.13/mo.
25 $11.11/mo. $16.84/mo. $29.31/mo. $48.13/mo.
30 $11.20/mo. $17.06/mo. $29.75/mo. $49.06/mo.
35 $11.81/mo. $18.59/mo. $32.81/mo. $55.13/mo.
40 $14.44/mo. $25.16/mo. $45.93/mo. $81.38/mo.
45 $17.94/mo. $29.53/mo. $63.44/mo. $116.38/mo.
50 $25.11/mo. $47.47/mo. $99.31/mo. $188.13/mo.
55 $34.73/mo. $75.91/mo. $147.43/mo. $284.38/mo.
60 $49.61/mo. $113.09/mo. $221.81/mo. $433.13/mo.


  • Enroll Partner in Health Plans

To see what options you have to enroll your Domestic Partner in your health plan, please contact

  • Review Tax Withholding
If you would like to update your withholding, please log into CEI's payroll system JD Edwards to make this change