Carrot Fertility

We’ve partnered with Carrot Fertility to offer inclusive fertility healthcare and family-forming benefits to CEI employees and their spouse or partner. This includes support for learning about your fertility health, assisted reproduction like in vitro fertilization, preservation like egg or sperm freezing, adoption, gestational surrogacy, pregnancy, menopause, and more. CEI is also providing $5,000 in employer-sponsored funds (lifetime maximum) to help pay for your care.*


Your Carrot benefit includes:

  • A free, personalized Carrot Plan created by a Carrot Expert to provide you with actionable next steps that will help you make the most of your benefit and guide you on your journey
  • Unlimited, free virtual visits with Carrot's team of fertility healthcare and family-forming experts to help navigate your questions, options, and costs with ease
  • A library of expert-produced educational resources, including articles and how-to videos
  • Exclusive discounts and expedited appointments at vetted clinics and agencies around the world
  • Fast, easy, payments platform to use your employer-sponsored funds

We’re honored to bring this important benefit to our employees.

Contact Carrot Fertility:

How do you get started? 

Look out for a Carrot Registration Email in your CEI inbox to get started.

You can also sign up here by visiting


* Please note: Reimbursements are taxable; employees are responsible for paying taxes for the entire Carrot benefit. This means any reimbursements are subject to taxes, regardless of what journey or category they fall under.