Business Travel Accident

Cupertino Electric has purchased Business Travel Insurance through AIG for employees and dependents to provide insurance for unforeseen accidents while traveling for business.  

Each business traveler should carry a copy of the ID card while traveling.  The ID card can be printed from this website (see ID card hyperlink on the right-hand side of this page).  If an emergency happens while traveling, employees should call AIG to get assistance. AIG contact numbers can be found on your ID Card or at the bottom of this page.

AIG has a website and app available for employees use prior to travel, during the trip, or after the return home. AIG's travel assistance website and app provides travelers with convenient access to in-depth travel, security and health information 24/7/365.  Employees can view the AIG Travel Assistance Website and App Registration Guide hyperlink on the left-hand side of this website for more information and to register online.

Contact AIG Member Services:

  • Toll-Free within the U.S.: 1-877-244-6871
  • Collect/Reverse Charge outside the U.S.: 1-715-346-0859
  • Please reference the Policyholder: Cupertino Electric & Policy Number: 9157915 when calling

Business travel insurance is designed to cover different perils including the following items:

Out of Country Emergency Medical:
This benefit provides coverage if there is an injury or sickness while employees are outside of their own country and require treatment by a physician.

Personal Deviation: 
Coverage within the policies is extended if personal travel is added on to a business trip (limits on length of personal travel).

Spouse and Dependents: 
Coverage is extended to an employee's spouse and dependents who accompany an employee on an eligible business trip.

Security and Natural Disaster Evacuation: 
Coverage for security and natural disaster evacuation, meaning in the event of a covered evacuation the assistance provider will transport a covered person to the nearest place of safety.

Accidental Death & Dismemberment:
This coverage provides a benefit if death or dismemberment happens as a result of an accident while traveling for business. 

If there should ever be any differences between the benefits on this site and the legal documents, contract, policies, the documents contracts and policies will be the final authority.