Accident Insurance

Accidents can happen, and if one happens to you, your medical insurance will only cover some of the costs. Guardian’s Voluntary Accident Insurance can help you to cover the rest. If you are injured from an accident, chances are you will have expenses that you were not anticipating - will you be prepared?

Accident Insurance will pay you a cash benefit or every covered expense – from x-rays to ambulance service – regardless of what your medical insurance pays. Benefits are paid directly to you, and you are free to use them to cover whatever expenses you deem fit. or example, you can use your benefits to pay for child-care during your recovery; household expenses such as rent, mortgage or food; injury-related modifications to your home or auto; medical co-payments, deductibles and out-of-pocket costs and more.

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Tier Weekly Rates
EE $4.54
EE+SP $7.68
EE+CH $7.99
EE+FAM $11.13