Voluntary Benefit Plans

Personal Insurance Products  - Colonial Life Accident Insurance

If you were to get in an accident, it could end up costing you big in copays, deductibles and your time off work. Accident insurance through Colonial Life can help you pay for your doctor, chiropractor, urgent care, ER, hospitalization costs and more.

Critical Illness

Critical illness insurance pays a lump sum benefit upon specific diagnosis of a specified critical illness for you to use where it is needed most. Coverage is available for you, your spouse and your dependent children. Some specified critical illness examples are listed below:

< Heart Attack

< Transplant as a the result of Heart Failure

< Stroke

< Bypass Surgery as the result of Coronary Artery Disease

< Transplant as the result of a major organ failure other than heart

< End Stage Renal Failure

< Blindness

< Permanent Paralysis

Cancer Insurance
Cancer insurance allows you to concentrate on your care should you ever be diagnosed with cancer.  The plan pays a benefit not only for cancer treatment, but also for cancer screenings—even if you are never diagnosed with cancer. 

Universal Life with Long Term Care Rider

Universal Life insurance provides you with the flexibility you need to protect the life you’re building - when your needs change, when you set or attain new goals, or even when unexpected challenges arise.

Health & Wellness Incentives

Colonial Life provides you with tax free incentives each year just
for having your annual exams done and filing a claim. 

< Accident Insurance: $200 Mammogram; $50 for other

< Critical Illness: $200 Mammogram; $50 for other

If you have both Accident Insurance & Critical illness, you
will be paid wellness incentives for both plans.   

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