Term Checklist

1)   _____  Notify NCIRE HR at least TWO weeks before termination date to schedule an exit interview.

2)   _____  Please submit your final timesheet in Ultipro at least 72 hours before your exit date, so that payroll can cut your final check.

3) ______  Please remember to submit your requests for reimbursements for work related expenses to the accounting department prior to your last day of employment.  You must submit your reimbursement request using the reimbursement form accompanied with your original receipts. If you have any questions regarding the reimbursement policy, please refer to the Accounting Policies on the Accounting/Finance Section of the NCIRE Intranet.

4) _____    If you have a J-1 or an H-1B visa please note that NCIRE will be withdrawing the visa that we requested on your behalf upon your termination.  NCIRE will inform the immigration service of your departure from the organization after the last day of your employment.  Please arrange your final workday to coincide carefully with all exit regulations regarding your departure from the U.S. as required by your specific visa.

5) _____    Return all VA Property and complete the following forms before the exit interview:

  • Exit Interview Form
  • Resignation of Employment Form
  • VA Compliance Form
  • Return of Property Clearance Form

6) _____    Attend Exit Interview with NCIRE HR

Please contact Amanda Grijalva at x26673 or Amanda.grijalva@ncire.org.