Recruitment and Selection

Our goal is to help you recruit and hire the most qualified candidate at NCIRE quickly and easily. Finding the right candidate is a joint effort. NCIRE’s posting, advertising and interview requirements are designed to allow access for the most diverse and qualified candidates as well as maintain compliance with our company Affirmative Action Plan requirements.    

The Human Resources team firmly believes in the equitable treatment of all its employees, and candidates, in all employment actions without regard to race, color, sex, religion, national origin, ancestry, age, marital status, medical condition, physical or mental disability, veteran status, sexual orientation or genetic information. NCIRE is pleased to be an Equal Opportunity Employer.

Opening a Position

Whether you are creating a new position in your department or filling an existing opening, it all starts with a completed Personnel Requisition Form and a detailed position description. Please begin the process by accessing our Ultipro system at the link below:


Once logged in, please go to the recruitment tab. If you do not see the recruitment tab please contact to get started.

Please use the checklist located in the left column to assist you through the recruitment process:

Viewing and Screening Candidates

The Ultipro system offers a well-organized, streamlined system for Hiring Managers to view and sort through their candidate pool by accessing all applicant information in one place. Applicants to your job will appear in real time within the Ultipro system. To view candidates, you simply log into the system and click on new applicants.

Managing Your Applicant Pool

Keeping track of all the candidates you have screened and interviewed, is easy to do within the Ultipro system. Simply use the “take action” function and update and dispositioned applicants appropriately.

**Please note that NCIRE will be unable to move forward with an offer of employment unless all applicants have been reviewed and dispositioned in the system. 

Candidate Selection and Offers of Employment

Once you have made a selection and have checked references, our department will work with you and the candidate to extend an offer of employment.  Please be advised that an offer of employment can only come from the NCIRE Human Resources Department. Our department will also conduct a background/criminal check on your candidate.  The forms located in the left column that are required to complete your hire are:


When your candidate is also a current VA or UCSF employee

If the candidate you have selected is currently employed by UCSF or the SFVAMC, it will be necessary to obtain a signed Dual Employment Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) before the candidate begins employment with us. NCIRE’s unique affiliation and relationship with the SFVAMC and UCSF, requires notification of dual employment situations to ensure a conflict of interest does not exist.  The duties for each position must be distinct and different and the work employment schedule must be manageable for the candidate and not exceed 40 hours a week. The forms located on the left column contain the Dual Employment Policy and space for the required signatures.

When your candidate needs a U.S. work visa

Your most qualified candidate may be someone who requires a work authorization to work legally in the U.S. Please contact the HR recruiter for a discussion on the proper work authorization visa, time frames, possible areas of concern and costs. NCIRE utilizes an immigration firm to assist with most visa acquisitions.

Please complete both of these forms located in the left column and return them to NCIRE HR. If you have questions about how to fill out these forms or obtaining a visa for your candidate, please contact Lydia Blednyh at x26109.

  • Immigration Information
    The information contained in this section is here to help you determine what you may need when traveling abroad for business or pleasure to ensure a safe return. There is also information if you are considering applying for permanent residency. 

It is imperative that you contact the HR Department if you plan to travel outside the US.