Intergovernmental Personnel Act (IPA) Mobility Program

The Intergovernmental Personnel Act (IPA) Mobility Program provides for the temporary assignment of personnel between NCIRE and the VA Medical Center. The IPA program allows Principal Investigators to hire skilled employees through NCIRE but support the payroll expenses with VA merit funds.
IPAs may not be used

  • To circumvent federal hiring policies and procedures or ceilings
  • To meet the personal interests of employees
  • To avoid unpleasant personnel decisions

Employees must be employed with NCIRE for a minimum of 90 days.
Ineligible classes of employees include:

  • Administrative / Clerical
  • Students employed in research, graduate or teaching assistant or similar temporary positions

IPA assignments may be in effect for up to 2 years and extended by approval for up to 2 more years. Employees serving four continuous years can not serve on another assignment without a 12-month return to duty with his or her regular employer.

The approval process is fairly lengthy and can take up to a month or longer to obtain the necessary approvals so please plan accordingly.   Problems with the IPA may delay the approval or effective date of the IPA Agreement. The IPA is not effective until all parties review and sign the IPA Agreement.  Please see below for IPA approval and flow process:

For more information, please visit the Federal Office of Personnel Management's website or contact Lydia Blednyh at x26109 or Janelle Wong at x22502.