Instructions for Submitting New Business

New Group submissions must be submitted by the 15th of the month.

Below you will find an easy checklist of documents which are required by ALLtech in order to process New Business. Each of these items is further explained in the instructions following.


Mandatory Forms:

  • Group Master Application (submitted through AP Connect)
  • Employee Enrollment/Waiver Forms
  • Premium Check for first month's premium
  • GeekWire Membership Application and Payment Verification
    • Entry level membership, the "Seed Pass" starts at $199.
  • New Group Late Submission Form - This form is required for new groups submitted after the 15th of the month for coverage effective the first day of the following month. Groups submitted after the 15th of the month are considered a late submission, which may cause a delay in the issuance of member ID cards and eligibility of benefits.

Optional Forms:


Mandatory Forms: The following forms are required to be included with every New Group Submission. If any of the items are not included, the group will be pended back to the Producer and processing will be delayed.

1. Group Master Application – Submitted through AP Connect

2. Completed Employee Enrollment/Waiver Forms – Please complete the Enrollment Spreadsheet and other corresponding forms, which can be found in the Forms Library.

3. 1st Month Premium Payment – Must be received either via electronic funds transfer (EFT) or check payable to ALLtech Health Alliance for Technology.

4. GeekWire Membership and Payment Verification – Groups will need to secure one of the membership categories offered by GeekWire. Entry level membership, the "Seed Pass" starts at $199. 

Please make a copy of the groups Membership Application or Membership Status and check and submit it along with the New Business paperwork.

5. First Sold ALLtech Case? – Please email the Trust inbox at if you have any questions regarding New Business Submissions or if this is your first sold case.

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