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Identity Protection is one of the fastest growing voluntary benefits today. While it may be labeled “voluntary,” given recent surges in fraud and identity theft, identity protection benefits feel more important than ever. 

Allstate Identity Protection Plan Overview

Protection Pro Plus is a plan that can be offered to cover Employee only or Employee plus family. They offer a generous definition of family, using “under roof or under wallet” as their guideline. This plan includes identity monitoring, credit monitoring, remediation, and reporting. Protection Pro Plus is a non-taxable, non-reportable benefit, meaning employers can deduct any cost of offering this service to their employees, when enrolled as employer paid.

The Advanced Professionals / Allstate Program At-A-Glance:

In 2020, Advanced Professionals vetted the top vendors in this space and chose Allstate Identity Protection as our partner. We are pleased to offer all Advanced Professionals accredited producers the following exclusive offer:

Employer Paid Pricing
  • $4.75 per employee per month
  • $6.75 per family per month


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