Welcome to the WAHIT Employer Benefit Portal

The Washington Alliance for Healthcare Insurance Trust (WAHIT) is an employer-governed trust that began in June 1997.


Since March 2010, WAHIT has maintained a grandfathered contract, allowing many plan participants to maintain medical benefits with limited changes. The grandfathered plan allowed participants to stay in the program and keep their costs below market trends.

After 32 years of operation — 12 years in the grandfathered phase — we have decided to retire the WAHIT program. Beginning with July 1, 2022 effective anniversary dates, enrolled groups will no longer be offered renewal through the program. WAHIT will continue to offer coverage through each group’s current contract plan year.

If you have questions about enrolling into another program or about WAHIT, please email wahit@advprofessionals.com or visit our Contact List.

On behalf of the Washington Alliance for Healthcare Insurance Trust and its partners, it has been our pleasure to serve the many companies and their families who have benefitted from the WAHIT program.



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