Welcome to the Slingshot Benefits – Producer Benefit Portal

Slingshot Benefits takes the complexity out of employee benefits, helping small and mid-sized businesses purchase, access and manage competitive health insurance and other benefits — simply and cost-effectively.

Slingshot is experienced, with a track record of success.
We have a long history and passion for providing and administering the most comprehensive, affordable, hassle-free employee benefits available to small and mid-sized businesses.

Slingshot offers a complete employee benefit solution.
By combining our expertise in small-group health insurance, benefit administration, customer service and technology, we offer small businesses the most comprehensive, effective way to access, manage and pay for employee benefits.

Slingshot reduces the cost and complexity of managing employee benefits.
By designing high-value employee benefit packages and streamlining every aspect of accessing and managing employee benefits, we provide the simplest, most cost-effective solutions available for small and midsized businesses.

At Slingshot’s core is solid infrastructure and innovative technology.
We have the reliable infrastructure needed to manage the complexities of administering employee benefits for the small group market.

We don’t try to be everything to everyone.
We have been working exclusively with small and mid-sized groups since 1997, and only in selected markets where we can offer benefits that are of high value to employers in the region.

We tell it like it is.
We’ve been in this business a long time, and although we dream big, we’re grounded in reality and focused on keeping things moving smoothly. Have a question? We’ll give you the straight scoop, and share knowledge, data and market intelligence to help you make informed decisions. Have an issue or concern? We won’t rest until it’s resolved.

Learn more at SlingshotBenefits.com.
Please note that Slingshot Benefits has replaced Northwest Benefit Alliance (NWBA) as of May 1, 2021. To access past plan documents, please see our NWBA Producer Benefit Portal.

  • Producer Reference Tools
    This section is provided as a reference for Insurance Producers who are responsible for the day-to-day administration of benefits programs. Included in this section is information pertaining to Producer commissions and other related group eligibility requirements.

  • Forms Library
    This section will allow you to access forms including Enrollment Forms, Claim Forms, as well as other administrative forms.

  • Plan Summaries and Booklets
    This page contains the summaries and booklets for all plans offered by NWBA.

  • Group Administrative Guide
    This guide is made available to all employers for their reference in administering eligibility and submitting premiums for their coverage.

  • Resources > Marketing Resources
    In this section, you will find marketing materials, press releases, news and articles, and related links.

  • Links
    This section provides links for tools and resources to search for doctors and hospitals and other specialists within the covered networks, as well as access to the carrier websites.



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