Congratulations! You made it to one of the most rewarding stages of your life. With the right preparation, you can spend your post-career years exactly as you like: relaxing, traveling, spending time with loved ones or cultivating new interests. As you start the retirement planning process, your primary objective should be to live off the interest on your retirement savings. This section is designed to help you reach this goal and eliminate the age-old concern about out-living your resources.
Things To Consider:

1. Review the assets in your Retirement Savings Plan(s)
Understand what you have saved in all of your retirement plan account(s), and come up with a game plan on how to use those funds throughout your retirement years. You may also want to consider working with a financial advisor.

2. Obtain an Estimate of Social Security Income
There is a lot of information you can request from the Social Security office. To find out what information is available, visit the Social Security website:

- Estimate Your Future Social Security Benefits

3. Research your Medicare Options
There is a lot of information to consider when applying for Medicare, to find out more information, visit the Medicare website.