Maven Maternity, Family Planning & Menopause Support

HBC has partnered with Maven, an all-in-one digital health platform that supports the family planning journey, from fertility to postpartum and returning to work after parental leave, all the way through 1 year postpartum. All Maven users can use the service to book unlimited virtual appointments with providers across more than 35 specialties, including OB-GYNs, mental health specialists, pediatricians, and fertility awareness educators, along with access to Maven’s extensive library of content, articles, and virtual classes.

In addition, the relationship offers access to Maven Menopause for 24/7 support and guidance. Maven’s Menopause program gives you virtual, on-demand access to providers that specialize in menopause treatment and support including OB-GYNs, pelvic floor therapists, mental health specialists, wellness coaches, and more.

Maven provides specialized support for the following life stages:

  • Fertility and alternative paths to parenthood, offering expert navigation of IVF, IUI, and egg freezing and support for those pursuing adoption or surrogacy.
  • Pregnancy, postpartum, and returning to work after parental leave, with a personalized program for women and their partners for every stage of their journey.
  • Menopause awareness, with access to quality care and on-going support and guidance.

Best of all! Our partnership with Maven means all of these benefits are available at no cost to you. For more information or to sign up today visit www.mavenclinic.com/join/support.

We believe that Maven’s commitment to inclusivity, with a network of providers with deep experience serving families of diverse backgrounds, makes them a natural partner for the HBC community. We are thrilled to continue to offer these benefits to all full-time employees and their spouse/partners - no enrollment in a medical plan required.

Maven Maternity provides resources and support for:

Pregnancy and Postpartum Care 
Returning to Work
Coping with Miscarriage and Loss
Breast Milk Shipping with Maven Milk

Family planning and building support:

Fertility Treatment / Preservation 
Adoption and Surrogacy
Mental Health

Maven Menopause Support:

Menopause Resources
Personal Support 
Provider Recommendations

For more information visit www.mavenclinic.com.