Marriage / Domestic Partner

Congratulations! Your new spouse or domestic partner is eligible to be added to your HBC benefits during your Qualifying Life Event (QLE) window, which is within 31 days of your marriage or change in domestic partner status. You may also remove your current benefit coverage during this QLE if you choose to become covered on your spouse’s/partner’s benefit plan. 

Things to Consider
1. Enroll Spouse/Domestic Partner in Benefit Plans
If you elect coverage for a spouse, domestic partner, or civil union dependent, you MUST complete the Certificate of Marriage, Civil Union or Domestic Partnership. Required documentation can be loaded to the Benefit portal during the enrollment process. For enrollment instructions, click here

Also, take the time to review your financial and insurance plans to make any changes to your coverage, contributions, or beneficiary designations.

2. Review Tax Withholding
For instructions on how to update your tax withholding elections with HBC, click here

3. Change Emergency Contact Information
For instructions on how to update your emergency contact information with HBC, click here

4. Review Life Insurance Coverage
When getting married or entering into a domestic partnership, make sure to review and update your life insurance coverage. You should find insurance calculators helpful in thinking about how much life insurance you should purchase. It is also advisable for you to consult with your financial advisor.

5. Consider Changes To Your Beneficiary Designations 
  • Contact Merrill at 1-888-335-8218 to make changes to your 401(k) beneficiary
  • Contact Wex at 1-800-498-8705 to make changes to your insurance beneficiary

6. Apply for a Social Security Card 
If you legally change your name because you get married, you will need to apply for a corrected Social Security card with your changed name. Failure to do so could delay a tax refund coming to you or prevent some of your pay from being credited properly to your Social Security record, which could cause your future Social Security benefits to be less than they should be.
You will need to provide a recently issued document, such as your marriage license / certificate, as proof of your legal name change. If the document you provide does not give the Social Security Administration enough information to identify you in its records, you will be asked for an identity document showing your old name and another in your new name providing evidence of your identity.
You will need to fill out an Application for a Social Security Card (SS-5) form and submit it to the Social Security Administration. You can download a copy of the SS-5 form and instructions in an electronic format and print it out at your leisure. The instructions include details on acceptable evidence of your identity.
Also, you can visit the Social Security website or call 1-800-772-1213 at any hour of the day toll-free. If you wish to speak to a service representative, call between the hours of 7 a.m. and 7 p.m. Eastern time on business days. If you are hearing-impaired, call 1-800-325-0778 instead. Note: Social Security telephone lines are busiest early in the week and early in the month, so if possible, avoid those times.
Social Security treats all information as confidential.
Remember to alert your employer of your name change.