InfoArmor Identity Theft Protection

InfoArmor has joined with the Allstate Corporation family of companies to provide Allstate Digital Footprint. A new feature of the PrivacyArmor Plus level, this proprietary tool tells users what accounts they have online and detects if personal information has been exposed - stopping identity theft before it starts.

Identity Theft Protection helps protect you and your family from the fastest growing theft in the United States. Choose from PrivacyArmor or PrivacyArmor Pulse from InfoArmor to protect yourself from identity theft concerns. In the event of fraud, InfoArmor will fully manage and restore your identity. Enrolling your family extends that protection to anyone in our household. 

InfoArmor leads the identity protection industry with proactive monitoring services that alert you at the first sign of fraud. Both plans monitor and send alerts for: 

  • Credit inquires
  • Accounts opened in your name
  • Unsavory content on your social media account
  • Compromised Credentials
  • Financial transactions
  • Unusual account activity
  • Digital exposure
  • Data breaches 
  • And more!
The PrivacyArmor Plus plan also provides 401(k) and HSA stolen fund reimbursement and tax fraud refund advances. IP address monitoring (exclusive to PrivacyArmor Plus) makes it easier to detect and inform you if your data has been compromised.

PrivacyArmor Plus Privacy Armor
Associate $9.95/month Associate $7.95/month
Associate + Family $17.95/month Associate + Family $13.95/month