Commuter Benefits

HBC offers commuter benefits that reduce your cost of getting to and from work. With the Commuter Benefits Program, you can pay for public transportation expenses on a pre-tax basis.  You can set aside up to $315 per month for public transportation costs and up to $315 per month for parking costs.  Take advantage of the Commuter Benefits Program and reduce your commuting expenses. Enrollment/changes can be done anytime during the year. 

If you enroll for commuter benefits, you will receive a debit card that will be front loaded at the beginning of each month with your elected amounts. You can use the debit card to purchase your monthly passes, vouchers, or to load your personal Transit Authority account. It can also be tied to your Uber or Lyft accounts for use with eligible shared rides. 

Please note, that this is a stacked debit card that allows you to access all reimbursement accounts (i.e Health Care flexible spending account, if elected).

To enroll in commuter benefits or makes changes login to the
Enrollment site.

Savings Example

Since you use pre-tax payroll dollars to pay for your parking and transit expenses, you may save up to $2,268 or more each year (assuming a combined tax rate of 30%).

Here is an example of someone who drives to a suburban transit station and boards a transit train to work. The person in this example deducts the maximum for both types of expenses and has a combined tax rate of 30%. This person would save more than $1,000 per year in tax savings.

Eligible Transportation Expenses*


Monthly Transportation Expenses bicycle, bus, train, subway, ferry, or vanpool to work)


Monthly Parking Expenses(parking for work or for transportation to work)


Total Monthly Expenses


Combined State, Federal and Social Security Tax Rate (25-33%)

x 0.30

Estimated Monthly Savings


Estimated Yearly Savings


*Benefit limits are subject to IRS regulations.