Cigna Medical

HBC offers three different medical plan options through Cigna. All of the available options give you access to Cigna's Open Access Plus (OAP) network and offer high-quality, comprehensive care. The Open Access Plus network is Cigna's board seamless national network. They differ in the way the cost of care is structured and in the strategies that you can use to control your expenses:

Cigna PPO
The Cigna PPO plans are traditional plans that give you the greatest flexibility, combined with lower costs when you choose a provider within Cigna’s broad national network. Choosing health professionals who participate in Cigna's Open Access Plus network will help keep your costs lower and eliminate paperwork.

Cigna CDHP
The consumer driven health plans (CDHP) offers an all-in-one approach to healthcare, these plans use high deductibles coupled with tax-advantaged Health Savings Accounts (HSA) and lower premiums to help you better control your healthcare spending.

Cigna Choice Plus
Offers both In-Network and Out-of-Network benefits, allowing you additional coverage if you elect to see a provider outside of Cigna's Open Access Plus network. The CHDP Choice Plan provides you in-network only coverage with Cigna's largest nationwide network. 

You can always reference what Cigna network you're using by checking your ID card or looking on The correct network for those who reside in California is Select Plus and the network for those who reside outside of California is Choice Plus.


Plan Name Carrier Name Effective Dates Select plan to compare
Cigna Choice CDHP (HBC) CIGNA Jan-01-2024 to Jan-01-2025
Cigna Choice Plus CDHP (HBC) CIGNA Jan-01-2024 to Jan-01-2025
Cigna PPO (HBC) CIGNA Jan-01-2024 to Jan-01-2025