WAZE Carpool 

Waze Carpool is a rideshare application with the focus on Carpooling.  Similar to UBER Pool and Lyft Line, you can connect with riders and drivers via the phone app to access a carpool with someone going the same direction to and from work.  The differentiator of Waze Carpool is that you can set-up groups that your employees can join to figure and participate in a carpool to the same job site.  So it is not designed to be something where the driver will make a living, but really just as a way for a driver and passenger alike to get some company, maybe take advantage of the HOV lanes, and reduce road congestion.

How it works

As the driver, if you want to pick up a few riders and continue driving your car to work, then you can continue use the normal Waze app.  Tap the button in the lower-right corner to set up your driver profile.  You'll enter your home and work addresses (they are kept private) for your commute and the times you leave home in the morning and work in the evening.  You can also enter your work email address to carpool with co-workers.  After setting up your account, you can go to settings to specify the number of available seats you have for carpoolers and enter details about the make and model of your car to make it easier for carpoolers to find you the first time out.  Drivers will then get a push notification from the App when a passenger wants to join their carpool that they can accept or deny.  You may also communicate with the passenger via the messenger function in the app

As the passenger, if you want to catch a ride with someone, you'll need to install the new Waze Carpool app.  Set the parameters of your commute -- addresses, days and times -- and you can then search for carpool drivers based on their profile, rating and price. As on the driver side, riders can filter for same-gender and coworkers only.

Click here to view video from Waze on how it works

Join a Waze Carpool group below:

CEI - San Jose

Groups are for people who want to ride together regularly, like your CEI colleagues. By joining, you can easily find and ride with other members on your route.