An emotional support benefit for you and your loved ones.

Ginger provides you with the right level of emotional support at the right time, coaching via text-based chats and self-guided activities - all from the privacy of your smartphone. Ginger coaches are available 24/7 - even at 2 am on the weekend, and all your conversations are completely confidential.

Ginger coaches can help with anything you're struggling with.

Whether it's stress, anxiety, depression, issues with work, relationships, sleep, and others. Coaches work with you on techniques to help improve your sleep, they share strategies for managing stress, or create a plan and hold you accountable so you can achieve your goals. check out this video to learn what is a behavioral health coach.

Get started now:

1. Download the Ginger Emotional Support app.

2. In the app, tap “Get Started,” and enter your email address.

3. Follow the instructions sent to your inbox and you’re all set!


Ginger offers on-demand, confidential emotional support through coaching via text-based chats and self-care activities—all from the privacy of your smartphone.


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