Life Insurance

AspenHR offers Voluntary and Basic Life Accidental Death and Dismemberment (AD&D). For the Basic group Life there are 4 options that eligible groups can choose from. Refer to the plan summaries to the right of this page for full details on those benefit options.

Please note; The value of the life insurance amount over $50,000 is considered “imputed income” and will be added to employees taxable earnings. Life and AD&D benefits are not taxable to the beneficiary. Please reach out to ASPENHR if you have further questions

What is Group Basic Life Insurance?

Group term life benefit provides your employees with the foundation of financial protection for their family if something should every happen.  It doesn’t earn interest and has no cash value but can help protect the financial future of someone’s loved ones.

What is Voluntary Life Insurance?

Additional Life and AD&D Insurance provides an extra layer of protection if your employee dies or become dismembered in an accident. Your employees can also cover eligible spouse and child(ren). 


MetLife Life Insurance

  • Group Life:  1-800-638-5000
  • Voluntary Life:  1-800-523-2894