MetLife Legal Assistance


Aspen HR provides your employees the opportunity to enroll in a group voluntary legal plan through MetLife.

What is legal insurance?

Legal insurance helps employees address every-day situations like dealing with traffic tickets, resolving warranty issues, or buying a home. When you need help, don’t waste time looking for the right attorney or paying costly attorney fees. Through the MetLaw legal plan, employees will have access to a nationwide network of attorneys who can help protect them when they situations in life that could result in legal issues.

Get Help With:

Getting Married
  • Prenuptial Agreements
  • Changing your name
  • Learning about, updating, or creating estate planning documents

Buying, Selling, or Renting a Home

  • Reviewing contracts and purchase agreements
  • Preparing the deeds
  • Attending the closing

Starting a Family

  • Guidance with will and estate planning documents
  • Attending school and administrative hearings
  • Adoption procedures

Dealing with Identity Theft

  • Attorney consultations to respond to creditors
  • Help contacting banks and creditors
  • Attorney defense for issues caused by identity theft

Sending Kids off to College

  • Help with security deposits
  • Reviewing any lease documents
  • Help with student loan debt

Caring for Aging Parents

  • Looking over nursing home agreements
  • Help reviewing estate planning documents
  • Looking over Medicare/Medicaid documents

MetLife Legal