Active, regular, full-time employees working a minimum of 25 hours per week are eligible to enroll in benefits up to 30 days after your date of hire.  Benefits are effective first of the month following date of hire. 

You may also enroll eligible dependents in certain benefits. 

Eligible Dependents

  • Your spouse;
  • Your same-sex or opposite-sex domestic partner;
  • Your dependent children up to age 26 (regardless of marital status), including a natural child, stepchild, domestic partner’s children, a legally adopted child, a child placed for adoption or a child for whom you or your spouse are the legal guardian;
  • Your unmarried children age 26 or older who are mentally or physically disabled and who rely on you for support and care; and/or
  • Children of a same-sex or opposite-sex domestic partner relationship, up to age 26 (regardless of marital status). (Please note: Your domestic partner must also be enrolled in order to cover his/her child.)

Domestic Partner Coverage

You may cover your same-sex or opposite-sex domestic partner for certain benefits. IRS regulations mandate that the value of the health care benefits are considered taxable income.  Contributions for the domestic partner and domestic partner's children need to be made on an after-tax basis.  

When can I make changes to my benefits?

The benefit choices you make upon initial enrollment or during the annual open enrollment period will remain in place until the next Open Enrollment or change in family status, also known as a qualifying event. These qualifying events include:

  • Marriage
  • Divorce or legal separation
  • Birth or adoption
  • Child reaches age limit
  • Change in spousal employment status
  • Death

Should one of these events apply to you, it is your responsibility to contact Human Resources within 30 days to ensure continued coverage for those who are eligible. You have 30 days from the date of the qualifying event to submit the corresponding changes to your benefits.