Aspen HR offers dental plans from both MetLife and Aetna for employers to choose from. You can review full details of those options under the document folders to the right of this page.

Aetna Dental
 - Aetna Dental DMO:
This lower-cost dental plan covers cleanings, X-rays, crowns and more. It’s easy to use and fits your budget. Each covered family member must choose a primary care dentist (PCD)** in the Aetna® network to guide their dental care. You can find providers at There are no deductibles, no claims forms and no yearly dollar limits. And no referrals are needed to see a network orthodontist.
 - Aetna Dental® preferred provider organization (PPO) plan: Here’s a dental insurance plan with flexibility. It lets you choose any licensed dentist — in or out of network. But you may pay less with in-network dentists. It’s also an easy-to-use plan. You don’t need to have a primary care dentist or get referrals. Just use our online directory at to find a dentist or specialist.
  • Find a Provider 
  • Network: Dental PPO/PDN with PPO II Network / Dental PPO/PDN with PPO II
  • 1-877-238-6200
  • Policy Number:  175132